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Advanced Electrolysis

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Unsightly skin tags, thread veins, spots and moles can be removed using Advanced Electrolysis at Meon Face.

Occasionally one of many blemishes can appear on the skin, many of which are harmless but can be irritating and cause the person to be self conscious and can cause a loss of confidence in your appearance.

Advanced Electrolysis is the quickest and easiest way of removing these skin problems in a safe and effective manner.

The most common skin complaints that we see in our clinic are facial thread veins, vascular conditions and skin tags. These can be easily treated using Advanced Electrolysis techniques, whether they are small tags on the face or larger ones on the body. All skin type can be treated and both men and women.

What is Advanced Electrolysis?

Advanced Electrolysis (also known as Advanced Cosmetic Procedures) uses a tiny sterile single-use needle to deliver a current of radio-frequency to the area of the skin being treated. The current generates heat at the site being treated but is very localised and does not spread to the surrounding tissue, causing the blemish or vessel to dry up, resulting in an immediate reduction in the appearance of the blemish.

The procedure is quick and comfortable, causing minimal pain and little after-effects.

What skin conditions can be treated?

Advanced electrolysis is effective for treating the following conditions:-

Before and Afters

Contraindications + After Care

There are certain contraindications to treatment such as active herpes simplex, anticoagulant medication, hepatitis and HIV and certain conditions where treatment can proceed with caution such as diabetes, so it is important to arrange an appointment with our skin specialist, Joanna Koussertari, for an assessment.

There may be some slight inflammation after treatment and full after care instructions will be given.