23rd November 2021

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last? We Answer Your Questions

Lip fillers, a type of dermal filler, have been popular for decades. But many of our clients here at our aesthetics clinic serving Portsmouth don’t know much about them – like how long they last, how quickly you might see results, or what happens during treatment. Today, we’re focusing on this incredible aesthetics treatment and how, with a little knowledge, they could help you get the best out of your confidence.

What are lip fillers made of?

Like dermal fillers, they’re made from hyaluronic acid. It’s a substance that’s found naturally in the body, so there’s very little risk of adverse reactions. Hyaluronic acid is known for being hydrating and volumising, so it’s a great way to boost the lips.

How do lip fillers treat the lips?

They’re used to plump, smooth, shape and sculpt. Many clients come to us with thin lips or asymmetry, which they’re looking to correct. The treatment is ideal in both cases, and is suitable for most people, too.

How do I know if I can have lip fillers?

We’ll arrange a consultation to get to know your medical history, challenges and desired results – and you’ll get to familiarise yourself with our aesthetics clinic, the procedure and the team who’ll deliver your treatment. As we’ve said, most people are suitable, and we do carry out the treatment in both men and women.

What happens during treatment?

We’ll comfortably numb the treatment area, then deliver your injections in carefully targeted areas to enhance your features. We’ll offer pre- and post-treatment advice, and can schedule in top-ups or follow-up sessions, if you wish.

When will I see results?

Many of our clients here at our aesthetics clinic near Portsmouth experience immediate results. However, because injectable treatments like lip injections often come with slight swelling as a side-effect, you might need to wait a few days to see ‘true’ results. Once these develop, they should last anywhere from 12-18 months.

What if I’m unhappy with my lip injections?

We really hope this isn’t the case – and with our carefully planned consultations and expertly delivered treatment, it’s not something we really experience! However, if you’re unhappy with the results or you’ve had unsuitable treatment elsewhere, we might be able to use dissolvers to help reverse the effects – though there are no guarantees.

What else could I try?

There are lots of ways you can enhance your smile at home, like through clever make-up techniques, but these rarely impact people’s self-esteem and confidence for long! With lip fillers, you’re investing in a low-risk procedure with lasting effects, with no time needed to disguise or enhance your lips in your daily life.

How do I book?

Talk to our team today about getting lip fillers near Portsmouth, and we’ll schedule a consultation.

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