5th December 2021

Why You Should Go To A Medical Professional For Lip Fillers

As experts in all things skin, we can give you the help, advice and information you need to make the right decisions about your treatment. Today’s topic is lip fillers, and the reasons why you should always get this treatment with a trained medical professional. Let’s dive right in and don’t forget to get in touch if you are considering lip fillers near Portsmouth.

We create predictable results

As trained medical professionals, we can use our wealth of knowledge and experience to create predictable results for your treatment. We know the right areas to target, how much lip filler to use and what could elevate your unique anatomy.

We’re insured for your treatment

Insurance is important, as it can help in those rare situations where something unexpected might happen. It gives you peace of mind that there’s protection in place should something go wrong, like a reaction or an injury.

We can create a natural look

With so much experience on our hands, we can create a natural-looking, elevated result by adding lip filler in small amounts and building your look little by little. In fact, others may recognise a difference without even realising it’s due to treatment – the ultimate result.

We use safe products

We don’t ever inject substances we shouldn’t and everything we use is tested to the highest possible standards. Even proteins like botox are totally safe to be injected.

We keep up with our training

New technology, treatments and techniques emerge all the time – and we want to stay up to date with it all, to make sure we’re offering the latest and greatest procedures to our amazing clients. Whatever’s new, we’ll research it and hone our abilities before we offer it on our treatment menu.

We always book consultations

We think our clients should have the opportunity to get to know us, understand their treatment in depth and ask questions or voice concerns before the day of their procedure. That’s why we always offer a consultation as part and parcel of your treatment with us. Want to know more about something specific, or wanting to take the next step for a procedure? Just get in touch.

Talk to our team

Here at our skin clinic near Portsmouth, we offer lip fillers, silhouette soft, dermal fillers and more to our amazing clients. If you’d like to arrange a treatment, get in touch and well book you in as soon as we can. In the meantime, stay safe and well!

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*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Meon Face cannot guarantee specific results.