17th March 2022

5 Common Concerns Treated At Our Skin Clinic Near Portsmouth

Here at our skin clinic near Portsmouth, our experts help to rejuvenate your skin, restore your confidence and help you feel more like ‘you’ again. Today, we’re talking about 5 common treatments and concerns that we can help with here near Portsmouth.

1. Wrinkles: Anti-wrinkle injections

For use across the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes. These targeted injections soften wrinkles and lines caused by expressions and movement in the skin. They last 3-4 months, take a couple of weeks to develop results and achieve a subtle skin refresh that makes your skin more youthful.

2. Wrinkles: Dermal fillers

For use around the nose and lips. Similar to anti-wrinkle injections, these can target lines and wrinkles, though actually improve the appearance of those caused by loss of volume and natural skin ageing, rather than expressions and movement. Treatment can have an immediate effect, and results last anywhere from 12-18 months.

3. Ageing: Silhouette Soft thread lifts

For use in targeted areas of the face. This non-surgical face lift treatment promises smoother skin without the cost, disruption and downtime of going under the knife, for a long-lasting but temporary result. Small cones are ‘threaded’ under the skin to gently lift it into position, mainly correcting loose and sagging areas of skin, but also smoothing wrinkles. The threads and cones naturally dissolve over time. Again, results can show from day one, with results typically lasting up to 3 years.

4. Smile: Lip injections

For use on and around the lips. Also known as lip fillers, these use hyaluronic acid to sculpt, enhance, shape and volumise the mouth, ideal for those with asymmetrical, small or thin lips. As dermal fillers, these often last between 12-18 months. Top-ups may be possible, depending on your results.

5. Pigmentation: VenusViva

For use all over the face. This skin resurfacing treatment helps to target pigmentation concerns, including rosacea, skin tone, pigmentation lesions and pores, as well as softening wrinkles and tightening lax skin. It’s a great alternative to lasers and microneedling, relying purely on radio frequency waves. Results can be seen in a matter of days after treatment, though many people require several sessions. Depending on your skin concern, you may see permanent improvement.

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